Autumn time sadness

Here it comes. The time of the year, when the weather is getting worse, and the mood of almost everyone is shaken. Not even mentioning we live in a brand-new coronavirus times, when a new restrictions are being made almost every day and we just have enough of everything. Unfortunately, autumn is also time of the year with higher risk of suicidal behaviour. Also, naturally more people die.


Therefore, it is too important to keep yourself health state of mind. People should not be just staying at their homes and waiting for autumn to pass. In summer, socialising is quite natural thing. We keep ourselves outside as long as the weather is nice, even after the sun goes down, we don´t want to go home yet. But in autumn we sort of stop socialising and become some persons for ourselves. Which is a great thing, if you use the time to self- educate, relax or you just enjoy it. But when you start falling in a bad mood and to go out seem to be more and more difficult, here is an alert! We all should be aware of one thing. Nothing last forever. And also, a bad humour will pass. As long as we are aware of that, things are getting somehow easier. However, we should help it a little bit. We should sleep enough, sport enough, socialise and meet our friends still, support our families, because every good thing will make you feel better about yourself.


Keep a healthy lifestyle, because clean food is proven to be very helpful in prevention of depression. One of the other most useful and helpful activities that helps to improve your humour is sex. Not only that it makes you more fit, it brings you so many good emotions and stabilise your mood and assertive approach. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a partner, but you can also masturbate or go for erotic massage Prague. You will be leaving the salon satisfied and with much better mood.

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